How to get rid of snoring in a dream at home?

Snoring treatment does not always require surgery, in some cases, you can get rid of the pathology at home. This does not mean that you need to engage in self-treatment – just some of the factors affecting the appearance of snoring can be eliminated with simple and safe methods.

Situations in which the use of these methods is permissible:

Alcohol use, nicotine;

Excess body weight;

Drug use;

Chronic respiratory diseases;

Changes associated with aging of the body;

Physical exhaustion;

Physiologically irrational body position.

In many cases, snoring causes several reasons, so you should choose a complex effect.

Factors that cause snoring in a dream

Excess weight

Excessive body fat is one of the first places among the causes of snoring, so weight loss will help get rid of a negative symptom. The optimal level to strive for in order to get a visible result is a monthly loss of 3.5% of the total body weight.

What to do to lose weight:

Follow a diet;

Apply dosed exercise;

Follow the diet.

To reduce the weight of the case, it is recommended to include in your menu:

Protein rich foods include chicken fillet, veal, low-fat dairy products, egg whites;

Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber – apples, cabbage, bananas, avocados;

Whole wheat bread, durum wheat pasta, brown rice, oatmeal;

Products containing complex carbohydrates – millet, buckwheat, beans, lentils.

The use of sugar-containing, fried and smoked products, fatty meats, canned foods, mayonnaise, wheat flour products, carbonated drinks is not recommended. The list of prohibited foods includes sausages, french fries, pork, lamb, canned food, kvass, beer, soda, high-fat dairy products.

Nutrition rules:

The proportion of fat in the diet should not exceed 30% of the total food;

Nutrition fractional – 5-6 times a day;

It is desirable that the meal hours are constant;

Dinner is scheduled no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

It is strictly forbidden to eat high-calorie sandwiches, chocolates, it’s better to eat an apple or low-fat yogurt if you feel hungry.

Mandatory condition for rational weight loss – physical activity:

Running at a slow and medium pace;

Active team games (volleyball, basketball);

Fast walking at a speed of at least 120 steps per minute;

Aerobic types of physical activity (cycling, using an exercise bike);

Sport or Latin American dances.

Any type of physical activity is mastered gradually, dosing the load in stages.

Drug use control
Medications of certain pharmaceutical groups have a relaxing effect on the upper respiratory tract musculature. These are antihistamines, sedatives (Phenazepam, Tranquezipam, Fezanef, Fenzitat). In order not to provoke snoring, it is advisable to use them in the minimum dosage, or refuse at all, to find analogues without such a side effect as relaxation of the throat muscles.

Chronic fatigue

Psycho-emotional overload, physical fatigue, busy schedule of work, reduced immunity weaken the body and lead to snoring at night.

Measures to prevent overwork :

Alternate types of activities, mental load change to physical;

Go to bed no later than 23 hours;

Rest and work in a ventilated room;

Master the relaxation technique and apply it regularly;

Do not view bedtime content and TV shows with negative content;

Evenly distribute the load throughout the day;

During work, every hour to take five-minute breaks.

Smoking and alcohol

The toxic components of nicotine when exposed to the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract disrupt their normal functioning, causing edema. In combination with the relaxed muscles of the pharyngeal edema can significantly reduce the lumen of the respiratory tract, which causes night snoring. To reduce the negative effects of nicotine, reduce the number of cigarettes smoked and quit smoking 2-3 hours before bedtime.

The toxic components of nicotine when exposed to the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract disrupt their normal functioning, causing edema. In combination with the relaxed muscles of the pharyngeal edema can significantly reduce the lumen of the respiratory tract, which causes night snoring. To reduce the negative effects of nicotine, reduce the number of cigarettes smoked and quit smoking 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Even a minimal dose of alcohol relaxes the muscles of the upper respiratory tract. The tissues of the pharynx, tongue, and sky begin to vibrate, creating a sound background emanating from a snoring person. In order not to provoke snoring, you need to give up drinking at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract

Mucus, which is actively excreted in diseases of the nose and throat, narrows the lumen of the respiratory tract, leads to snoring.

Measures to reduce or reduce the intensity of snoring:

Instill into each nostril 2 drops of olive, sea buckthorn oil;

Carrying out inhalation from the grass of mint, thyme, eucalyptus, poured with a glass of boiling water and infused for 20-30 minutes, it is carried out by bending your head over a container with hot water. An alternative to inhalation is an aromatic lamp in which eucalyptus essential oil is poured. It can also be added to a humidifier located in a room in which a person suffering from snoring sleeps;

Rinsing with medical solutions of the mouth and nose – saline solution is prepared from 1 tablespoon. salt dissolved in a liter of warm water. They rinse for 5 minutes. To rinse the nasal cavity, each nostril is alternately saline and is released through the mouth.

Age-related changes in nasopharyngeal muscle tone
The tissues of the human body lose their tone and elasticity with age. The nasopharyngeal muscles that sag over the years, partially blocking the lumen of the upper respiratory tract, are not an exception. Sagging tissues of the pharynx rub against each other in a dream, provoking snoring.

Methods for getting rid of snoring at home

To relieve negative symptoms associated with snoring, there are many special devices and preparations:

The fixing belt – a soft “bridle” in the form of a belt is put on the lower jaw, fixed on the back of the head and keeps the mouth closed;

Kapa , custom-made – is fixed on the teeth, fixes the jaws in one position, allowing air to pass freely through the respiratory tract;

Nipple from snoring – does not allow the tongue to sink and vibrate, shifting the lower jaw forward and thereby creating an increased tone of the tissues of the pharynx;

Nasal dilator – is attached to the nostrils, opening them up and holding them at night in such a state, the device improves breathing and prevents snoring;

Medications – doctor snoring sprays, silence forte, slippex, as well as special lozenges prevent snoring, improving nasal breathing.

Positional treatment

Despite the official terminology, positional treatment is simply a change in the usual posture that provokes snoring. To release the breath, it is advisable to sleep on your side. It is possible that at first the body during sleep will tend to take the usual position.

In order to quickly get rid of this, there is a simple method – a pocket is put into the back of night pajamas, into which you need to put a small hard ball for the night. One has only to turn on his back – the pressure of the ball will force a change of position to a more acceptable one.

Instead of a ball placed in a pocket, you can use a “sleepy backpack” – a bag with a dense filling fixed on the back. In Japan, an alarm clock with a motion sensor is used for this purpose. When changing poses, he gives a signal, forcing a person to wake up and return to his usual position.

If snoring is caused due to sleeping on a low pillow, which provokes the drooping of the head, you need to change the sleeping accessory to a more voluminous or orthopedic pillow. Specially designed surface geometry of the orthopedic pillow will allow the head and neck to be in the most physiological position during sleep, which will minimize the risk of snoring. There are models of orthopedic pillows with a recess for the head, fixing it in the correct position.

There is another simple technique that allows you to protect the tongue from falling, and the airway from snoring. To do this, it is enough to raise the headboard 10-15 cm above the usual position, pushing a stable stand under the legs of the bed.

Snoring exercises

Reduced muscle tone of the pharynx is one of the main causes of night snoring. Due to the relaxation of the muscles of the whole body, the muscles of the upper respiratory tract also relax, vibrating under the influence of an air stream from the lungs. There is a complex of several exercises that you can do in 2-4 weeks to get rid of snoring or reduce its intensity. It is enough to perform the exercises twice a day for 10-15 minutes, and this is done a second time before going to bed.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pharynx and prevent snoring:

Move the lower jaw forward, overcoming resistance with the palm of your hand, then back;

Perform a similar movement of the jaw to the right and left;

Open and close the mouth, moving down overcoming the resistance created by the palm placed under the chin;

To “write” imaginary figures or letters in the air with the lower jaw;

To put out the tongue, trying several times to get them to the chin;

Mimic the ejection of the teeth with the tongue with the mouth closed;

Press the tongue at the sky;

To pronounce vowels, intensively articulating with lips and tongue, straining the muscles of the neck;

Close the mouth, follow the pendulum motion as far back as possible;

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