Sleep Snoring – Snoring in a dream in men

Full sleep is very important for maintaining a person’s well-being, his active life. Snoring in a dream is not the norm, but a pathology, which can in some cases become a trigger for the development of serious diseases.

Causes of snoring in men

The appearance in men of characteristic sounds, called snoring, in a dream is due to a weakening of the tone of the muscles of the soft palate and tongue. For various reasons, the palatine curtain begins to vibrate, preventing normal air flow. Because of this vibration, bizarre sound modulations arise that create snoring sounds.

Causes of snoring:

Anatomical features of the male body, the effects of ENT diseases – an increase in adenoids , narrow airways;

Drinking alcohol – even the minimum dose of alcohol, drunk before bedtime, helps to relax the muscles, while narrowing the lumen of the nasopharynx;

A certain posture in a dream – usually men snore in the supine position, when relaxation of the laryngeal muscles leads to a narrowing of the nasopharyngeal lumen;

Overweight – an excessive increase in the amount of adipose tissue leads to a narrowing of the airways, and then to the appearance of obstructive sleep apnea and the risk of developing severe pathologies;

Smoking – due to nicotine irritation of the tissues of the nasopharynx, chronic tissue swelling and narrowing of the airway lumen occurs;

Chronic fatigue, lack of sleep;

Reception of barbiturates that cause muscle relaxation and impaired normal breathing;

Age-related changes – weakening of the muscle tone and sagging of the palatine curtain causes a narrowing of the airway lumen.

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is accompanied by a lack of oxygen during the entire night’s sleep, leading to fatigue that does not pass during the day, to increased irritability. When apnea, the airways during snoring overlap completely, the brain does not receive oxygen for 15-60 seconds, which leads to an increase in the load on the cardiovascular system, to the development of asphyxiation.

Treatment of snoring in men

Snoring in a man is not only dangerous to his health, he can become a source of negative feelings for his family members. For the treatment of snoring, modern medicine has in its arsenal a lot of effective methods used both in combination and separately.

Drug therapy
If snoring is caused by rhinitis and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract, it is enough to cure the underlying disease.

Drops for the treatment of rhinitis are selected on the recommendation of a doctor, taking into account contraindications:







To eliminate other causes of snoring in men, specific drugs are used to moisturize the mucous membrane, reduce the manifestations of allergy , increase the tone of the palate, pharynx and larynx.

Spray Snoreks, created on the basis of natural ingredients – removes swelling of the tissues of the nasopharynx, improves the airway;

Sleepex Spray – reduces nasopharyngeal tickling, moisturizes the tissues of the larynx and soft palate, improves muscle tone;

Snorstop tablets are nasopharyngeal toning tissues that relieve allergies.


Performing daily exercises helps to strengthen muscle tone, get rid of breathing difficulties.

To achieve the effect, it is enough for a man to perform the following exercises daily for 10-15 minutes:

To reach the chin with the tip of the tongue, stretching it as far as possible and holding it in this position for 2-3 seconds – repeat up to 30 times twice a day;

Squeeze in your teeth a pencil, pen or small spoon for 5 minutes several times during the day;

Move the lower jaw in a circle 25-30 times in each direction, with his mouth slightly open;

Speak articulatory muscles and neck muscles with vowel sounds;

Mimic nibble and chew an apple several times during the day;

Strain the tip of the tongue, pushing it as far as possible towards the larynx, then relax, repeat 12-15 times;

In the sitting position breathe one nostril, then the other.

Regular gymnastics helps to strengthen the muscles of the nasopharynx, postpone the onset of age-related changes, and will be an excellent prevention of snoring in men.


In cases where apnea threatens not only the health, but also the life of a man – can cause a stroke, heart attack, cerebrovascular accident – surgical treatment is indicated. If apnea syndrome has arisen due to tumors in the nasopharynx or due to congenital features of the upper respiratory tract, surgery will help solve many problems associated with snoring.

Pathology localization and surgical correction:

The nasal cavity – laser correction of polyps and shells that have arisen on the nasopharynx, leads to the improvement of the patency of the sinuses.

Nasopharynx – removal of adenoids, polyps, benign and malignant nasopharyngeal tumors will ease breathing, relieve snoring.

Oral cavity – tonsillectomy of enlarged tonsils, removal of soft palate tissue, palatal uvula will correct pathological breathing during a night’s sleep, increase the lumen of the respiratory tract.

The larynx – the reduction of a part of the pathologically enlarged tongue (glossectomy), the expansion of the laryngeal lumen (tracheostomy) are shown when breathing problems appear not only during sleep, but also during wakefulness, are carried out only if there are serious reasons.

An alternative to traditional conservative surgery was the excision of pathologically enlarged laryngeal tissues using cryodestruction, radio wave and laser surgery. The methods are distinguished by a more gentle intervention in the functioning of the human body, minimal blood loss, and a short rehabilitation period.

The only complication is a small swelling in the first days after surgery, which quickly disappears. When the mucous membrane is restored, patients feel no snoring due to the fact that the lumen of the pharynx has increased, and there are no more obstacles for the air flow.

Snoring Treatments

Modern medical technology offers effective devices and devices to eliminate snoring or reduce the severity of negative symptoms.

Devices for treating snoring:

Magnetic clip “Antikhrap” – horseshoe clip, worn on the nose, has magnets at the ends. They create a field that attracts red blood cells. Intensification of blood flow facilitates nasal breathing, relieves snoring associated with nasopharyngeal congestion.

Means for fixing the tongue – support the tongue, not allowing it to sink, help against the appearance of snoring in the supine position.

Cap for keeping the jaws in a fixed position – made according to an individual recipe, which leads to the high cost of the device.

The chin strap is fixed on the back and keeps the lower jaw in a fixed position. Muscle tension counteracts relaxation and snoring. Cannot be used with a stuffy nose.

How to deal with snoring in men?

With a light form of snoring, you can try to do without the use of special tools.

Doctors who have experience in counteracting snoring recommend following simple rules:

Sleep not on your back, but on your side or on your stomach;

Do not use high dense pillows, preferring orthopedic appliances for a healthy sleep;

Do not overeat before bedtime;

Do not drink alcohol, do not smoke before bedtime;

Avoid excessive physical exertion, normalize work and rest.

Of great importance is the control of body weight, the timely treatment of diseases of the nasopharynx. For training the muscles of the larynx, it is recommended to sing more often, to recite poems out loud, to play wind instruments.

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