Snoring in men. Causes and treatment

Snoring in a dream is a serious and difficult problem. Because of snoring , a family idyll can deteriorate and even lead to divorce. And it all starts with the fact that his wife cannot sleep at night because of snoring, pushes and beats her husband to wake up, asks him not to snore, but this is beyond his control. Such a bother continues every night, and sometimes several times. After that, in the morning, both husband and wife do not get enough sleep, and this leads to irritability, and then to scandals in the family. Husband and wife begin to sleep in different rooms, it affects their relationship.

In order to save the family, spouses begin to think about how to get rid of snoring.

The first thing the somnologist is facing is the patient’s question: “ Why did I start snoring ? After all, before it was not. It is not a secret for a specialist that snoring in men often appears for several reasons, for example, smoking, overweight and alcohol abuse.

For various reasons, temporary snoring may be at all. But here is a chronic snore, often in men. And all due to the fact that the man mostly abdominal breathing. Snoring in a dream is a serious problem that causes trouble to everyone, both to the patient and his surroundings.

According to recently published statistics, about 45% of men snore after thirty years. This problem is a serious medical condition. Snoring lowers the level of intelligence in men, moreover, it is often a sign of a dangerous disease – obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). When the sleeper stops snoring and stops breathing, then a loud snoring sound is heard again, this is apnea syndrome . At the time of respiratory arrest, oxygen starvation occurs. The sleeper’s breathing is due to a violation of his airway.

Men with apnea syndrome are prone to cardiovascular disease, more often than men who do not have obstructive sleep apnea. In patients with apnea, drowsiness is observed throughout the day, heartburn, shortness of breath, problems with potency, arterial pressure often rises, and worst of all, attacks of heart attack and stroke occur.

It is necessary to cure snoring as quickly as possible, but for this you need to accurately establish the reasons why snoring arose and eliminate them.

Why do men snore
One of the first reasons is overweight. If a man has a mild degree of obesity, then the possibility of snoring in him increases from 8 to 12 times. With a moderate degree of obesity in men, the frequency of snoring increases, and with it, obstructive sleep apnea. With severe obesity, 60% of men have severe obstructive sleep apnea.

Drinking alcohol is also one of the main causes of sleep apnea. Alcohol reduces muscle tone, and the muscles of the soft palate relax because of the effects of alcohol, it narrows the airway lumen, the air in them hardly falls, it provokes snoring. Worst of all, the brain restores breathing slowly under the influence of alcohol, and this can be very dangerous. The sleeper stops breathing, but the brain does not respond to it. This situation can lead to the worst consequences.

If a man often snores without taking alcohol, drinking alcohol will further worsen the situation and lead to sleep apnea.

Soothing drugs, like alcohol, have a similar effect. When used, people also relax muscles during sleep, this again leads to snoring, in men suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, the situation with breathing worsens and becomes even more difficult. On top of that, the use of sedatives reduces the response of the brain; in men with apnea, oxygen starvation of the brain and other vital organs increases.

Smoking, one of the most common bad habits in men, leads to airway obstruction. Under the influence of nicotine, swelling of the respiratory tract appears and breathing is disturbed. At that moment, when the sleeper begins to relax the muscles of the larynx, edematous tissue doubly worsen the air permeability. Snoring can also occur for reasons such as a curved nasal septum, due to an increase in the tonsils and adenoids, as well as nasal polyps.

Old age is another reason for which snores occur in men. Over the years, a person ages, his muscle tone decreases. Sagging, soft tissues of the pharynx close the lumen of the respiratory tract, for this reason, snoring also occurs. When the airways do not expand from the air flow, the sleeper suffers from breathing.

According to the WHO, every fourth man suffers from allergic rhinitis, this disease affects the appearance of the common cold and the causes of nasal congestion.

Snoring is often observed comfort people who have abnormal development at the level of the pharynx, such as: an excess of uvula tissue and soft palate, as well as due to congenital narrowness of the nasal passages and a small, sloping lower jaw.

When thyroid hormone insufficiency occurs in men, edema of the mucous membrane of the oropharynx and obesity occur. Soft tissues begin to sag, as muscle tone decreases, all together leads to snoring and provokes obstructive sleep apnea in a strong half of humanity.

It is believed that snoring is normal for a healthy man. But this erroneous opinion can provoke serious health problems that can be fatal. Therefore, you do not need to treat snoring as a matter of course. Snoring needs to be treated!

Snoring treatment

Depending on the severity of snoring, various treatment measures can be applied. In particular, you can list the following methods, which should serve as a prevention of apnea and snoring during sleep:
Partial or complete refusal to take sleeping pills and sedatives;
Quitting smoking and alcohol;
Fighting overweight;
Surgical intervention;
The use of devices placed in the oral cavity to prevent the effects of snoring during sleep;
Therapeutic measures to ensure free breathing in pulmonary and otolaryngological problems;
Surgical operation as a way to eliminate snoring
A symptom such as worsening normal breathing is one of the likely causes of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Obstruction of the respiratory process through the nose can be caused by:
Hypertrophy (increase) of the thickness of the nasal mucosa;
Deformity of the nasal septum, etc.
Enlarged pharyngeal tonsils
Accordingly, surgical treatment of these problems leads to getting rid of snoring. As for the laryngeal cavity, the so-called uvopalatopharyngoplasty is used to combat apnea. This type of surgery involves the incision of a certain part of the palate, as well as the removal of the tonsils.

In accordance with the official recommendations of the Sleep Medicine Academy (USA), which concern medical operations on the upper respiratory tract during apnea, it was proved that laser surgery should not be prescribed to the patient due to the fact that this measure does not lead to the complete disappearance of the pathology. Moreover, there is a risk of complications in the patient’s condition.

The appearance of nasal when talking;
Getting food into the airway;
Respiratory arrest as a complication due to surgery.
Among the recommendations officially announced by specialists from the Sleep Medicine Academy, the emphasis was also placed on the following prescription for treating all patients with diagnosed apnea and night snoring. A thorough medical examination is recommended before performing an operation in the palate. In addition, regular follow-up checks after surgery are extremely important in order to comprehensively monitor the patient’s condition in the future.

The use of devices installed inside the mouth

Today, all types of medical institutions in the world use different types of applicators that are placed in the oral cavity and are placed on top of the teeth. Due to the action of such devices there is a significant displacement of the lower jaw forward.

The achievement of this effect is especially necessary in case the patient’s jaw:
It has a small size;
Strongly shifted back.
In both cases, the deformation of the jaw can cause a disturbance in the normal respiratory process during sleep. The positive effect of special devices was observed with a small degree of apnea, as well as in a situation with snoring, in which there are no other associated symptoms.

Such devices should be made with the participation of a specialist who uses the patient’s dental casts. A prerequisite for applying this technique is that the patient has his own healthy teeth. This method also has a small side effect, which is expressed in a rather uncomfortable sensation of a foreign body in the mouth. However, this feeling passes with time.

Breathing relief
Thanks to the action of modern humidifiers, it is possible to achieve effective moistening of the mucous membranes of the surface of the pharynx and nose, which, as a rule, are subject to excessive drying in the winter period. But it does not relieve snoring!

Apnea treatment with non-invasive ventilation – CPAP therapy

Even in the last century, a unique method for the treatment of sleep apnea was patented, including the most severe form of this disease. This technique is called CPAP-therapy. This abbreviation, consisting of English letters, means constant positive airway pressure.

The basis of this therapeutic procedure is an artificial increase in respiratory passages during sleep. This helps protect the larynx from sagging and leads to the disappearance of the main cause of the disease. Thus, you can permanently get rid of sleep apnea and eliminate the occurrence of serious consequences possible with this disease. Therapeutic measures are carried out through a special compressor.. This device provides air under some pressure in the larynx, using a sealed nasal mask. Despite the appearance of the device and the apparent inconvenience of use during sleep, it can only lead to significant improvements in the condition of the patient who has been diagnosed with snoring and apnea of ​​any degree of severity. Pathology such as apnea is complicated by a large number of stops breathing during the night. The number of such violations can reach several hundred. Accordingly, the number of short-term awakenings of the human brain and nervous system also amounts to several hundred. Thus, the use of a special device during a night’s sleep is a necessary measure in order to eliminate the pathology dangerous to human health and life. This method also eliminates such symptoms.

The device is selected in a sleep laboratory for each patient individually. In the presence of sleep apnea that has reached a severe stage, it is necessary to use this unit every night. Already in the first days of therapy, a patient suffering from apnea and snoring in the severe stage may feel a significant improvement in their health. In the mild form of the disease, it is enough to apply the construction about 5 times a week. Such therapy can provide a person with good sleep, as well as prevent the occurrence of possible complications associated with sleep apnea.

This type of apnea treatment in adults has no side effects. In case of rejection of apparatus therapy, the occurrence of any complications is excluded, except for a return to the preexisting symptoms of the disease.

The use of drugs that facilitate snoring
Unfortunately, the majority of drugs on the pharmaceutical market designed to combat snoring are dietary supplements. The effectiveness of such agents in the treatment of apnea is currently not confirmed.

As a rule, patients suffering from severe snoring during a night’s sleep, note after waking up the following symptoms:
Dry mouth;
The presence of mucus in the throat.

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