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Snoring is a phenomenon in the form of extraneous sound that appears during a woman’s sleep. It can be evidence of such a dangerous condition as a temporary cessation of breathing. A snoring person usually does not sleep well, which is why he suffers from daytime sleepiness or lethargy. Snoring is often a sign of cardiovascular and other serious illnesses.

Physically, snoring occurs due to the vibration of the tissues of the larynx, pharynx during breathing during a relaxed palate and uvula. For a woman, snoring in a dream can become a serious psychological problem, since in society it is still believed that a woman should not snore.

The main causes of snoring
Female snoring appears later than male. Often its occurrence is associated with the onset of menopause and hormonal adjustment of the body during this time period. The probability of snoring in a young woman is much lower, in which case it is associated with other physiological reasons:

Endocrine Disruption
Incorrect pituitary function
Chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and other diseases of this kind
The appearance of polyps in the nose
Enlarged tonsils (adenoids) due to inflammation
Respiratory tract infection with edema
Pathology of the structure of the respiratory tract:
Nasal septum deformity
Congenital narrow nasal passages or pharynx
Tongue too long
Violation of the structure of the jaw, bite
Age-related changes in nasopharyngeal tissues
Injuries that damage the nervous system
In some cases, snoring occurs because of an incorrectly chosen posture for sleep. This is a single phenomenon that does not need to be treated – it is enough to change the position. But it is important to make sure that this condition does not really recur and develop into a chronic one.

What states provoke the occurrence of the disease?
In addition to natural causes, provoking the development of snoring, other related problems can affect its development. At risk are women who:

Abusing alcoholic beverages
Excessively smoke tobacco products
Take sedatives and sleeping pills regularly
Constantly not getting enough sleep, which is why they cannot compensate for daytime fatigue during sleep.
Diabetes and other diseases
Allergic reactions
Severe obesity
Statistics show that due to age-related tissue deformities, as well as the onset of menopause with concomitant hormonal changes, the risk of snoring in women increases significantly.

What is dangerous snoring?
Many female patients, when snoring appears in them, are most concerned with its sound manifestation, since they are ashamed of such a phenomenon in front of their family. But in such a situation it is important to remember that most of all its occurrence threatens the life and health of the woman herself, since it affects the whole body and worsens the quality of her life in general.

Often patients are concerned about the issue of whether snoring is treated in women. First of all, it is necessary to identify the causes of its development. In some cases, it is necessary to cure the concomitant disease to snoring disappeared.

The effects of snoring on women may be:

Regular lack of sleep and chronic fatigue
The development of chronic headaches and discomfort during wakefulness
The appearance of drowsiness and lethargy during the day, deterioration of memory and attention
Permanent lack of oxygen in tissues and blood vessels (hypoxia)
Disruption of the cardiovascular system, catalysis of ischemic disease, myocardial infarction and hypertension
The probability of sudden cardiac arrest in a dream, at which the patient’s chances of survival are minimal
For these reasons, the treatment of female snoring should be carried out as soon as possible after its appearance. To do this, you should contact a qualified doctor to find out the causes of the disease and determine methods of dealing with it.

Snoring in women – treatment
Various methods are used for treatment, since in each case the causes of snoring are different:

Conservative treatment – with the help of various devices that help the patient to take the correct position of the head during sleep (mouthpieces, jaw belts, mouth guards, etc.)
Minimally invasive surgery – it is necessary in such cases as: the appearance of polyps, an excessively long uvula, inflammation of the adenoids, and the like. For these purposes, high-frequency radio wave or laser uvulopaloplastika is used. But these operations are not performed if apnea is diagnosed, because during healing the swollen mucous membrane can block the access of air to the respiratory tract.
CPAP therapy – the creation of a constant positive pressure in the respiratory tract using a specialized device. He forces air under pressure into the patient’s airway while he sleeps, to avoid stopping breathing in his sleep. The patient can put on and take off this compact device by himself, but a qualified doctor must set it up before use.
If necessary, the doctor may prescribe medication therapy, which will include the treatment of concomitant diseases (hypertension, diabetes, etc.), as well as allow to level the hormones
If a woman is overweight, she will need to follow a diet: foods rich in protein and without simple carbohydrates and fats (cereals, soups, vegetables and fruits, etc.). It is necessary to increase the number of meals, but there are smaller portions.

Also exercises that need to be used before bedtime and after waking up because of snoring help to temporarily cope with snoring:

Rolling air from one cheek to another (50 times per set)
Pulling the tongue towards the chin and pulling it back (20 times per set)

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