Snoring in women: how to cure?

According to medical statistics, about 30% of women snore in their sleep, and the probability of this phenomenon only increases with age. The intensity of female snoring is much less than that of the stronger sex, so this symptom rarely becomes a problem for the members of the family snoring lady.

Despite this, snoring cannot be considered a harmless phenomenon. In some cases, snoring becomes the cause of repeated cessation of breathing, which provokes the development of heart ischemia, stroke , headaches, high blood pressure . Therefore, you should carefully understand the causes of snoring and determine with the help of a doctor the measures of effective correction.

Causes of snoring in women

The main reason for snoring in both women and men is the vibration of the walls of the pharynx and soft palate. Passing through the vibrating tissue through the narrowed airway, the air emits a friction noise, called snoring. With the complete closure of the pharyngeal walls, the air does not pass at all into the respiratory tract. There comes a short-term cessation of breathing with all the negative consequences for the body.

This phenomenon is called obstructive sleep apnea, and it is no longer as harmless as snoring due to fatigue and uncomfortable body position. The appearance of snoring in women may be due not one, but several reasons at the same time. In addition, there are specific “feminine” reasons for the development of rochnopathy – such an intricate term got snoring.

Factors contributing to snoring:

Sagging muscles of the pharynx, sagging of the soft palate, advancing with age;

Not physiological position of the body and head in a dream;

The proliferation of soft tissue in the respiratory tract (rhinitis, polyps, adenoids, curvature of the nasal septum;

Overweight, compressing the soft tissues of the respiratory tract;

Taking medication that causes smooth muscle relaxation and reduced brain response to hypoxia;

Puffiness of the mucous membrane of the larynx due to the action of nicotine during smoking;

Muscle relaxation of the respiratory tract due to the effects of alcohol on the central nervous system;

Inflammation of the larynx tissue in respiratory diseases, the development of an oncological process.

In addition to common factors contributing to the occurrence of snoring, women have typical reasons for an exceptionally weaker sex:

Frequent use of sleeping pills;

Hormonal disorders during pregnancy and during menopause, when estrogen deficiency provokes a narrowing of the airways;

Increased emotionality and susceptibility to stress, negatively acting on the nervous system;

Puffiness of the larynx and tongue, occurring against the background of thyroid pathology due to an impaired electrolyte balance.

Complications of snoring in women
The negative effects of snoring at night significantly reduce the quality of life for women. They have reduced performance, sexual desire, often in the morning there are headaches . A woman wakes up, not having fully rested during the night, feels chronic fatigue during the day. She may worsen chronic diseases.

If a pregnant woman suffers from snoring, hypoxia threatens her child during a night’s sleep because of her mother’s inadequate breathing. If snoring develops into obstructive sleep apnea, the risk of heart and vascular pathologies , hypertension, and even death is increasing .

Treatment for snoring in women

Before you begin treatment for snoring, you need to diagnose the cause of this negative symptom. A sleep doctor is engaged in sleep problems, and an otolaryngologist will be able to diagnose respiratory pathology. If the basis of the pathology is dysfunction of the thyroid gland, you should consult with an endocrinologist, a physician.

To differentiate obstructive apnea from ordinary snoring, the patient is asked to undergo polysomnography. This study will help assess the basic vital signs of breathing, cardiac activity, and other parameters of the body during sleep. The sensors are fixed on the body, they read the readings and transmit them to the main device for evaluation by a specialist.

Prescribing treatment, the doctor is guided by the causes of snoring. If snoring is caused by the negative effects of excess weight, the woman is recommended to increase physical activity and review her diet. With the proliferation of soft tissues of the palate and nasopharynx, the doctor plans surgery to eliminate the pathology. Hypofunction of the thyroid gland is required to be treated under the guidance of an endocrinologist. The hormone deficiency during menopause is corrected by hormone replacement therapy prescribed by the gynecologist.

Snoring fixtures

There are many devices in the arsenal of the pharmaceutical industry to minimize snoring:

Anti-snrap clip with magnetic inserts and without them is a horseshoe-shaped device made of silicone, which is attached to the nose for a night’s sleep by squeezing its tips. The effect is based on the stimulation of biological active points with a similar clip, which influence the regulation of the central nervous system functions.

Kapa Sonayt – jaw lock, made from anti-allergenic material, facilitates the passage of air through the respiratory tract due to a small extension of the lower jaw forward. Wearing a mouth guard is safe, it cannot be swallowed, damaged or spit out during sleep. The effectiveness of the device is very high, reaching 80%.

The device Extra-Lor is a fixator of the lips and tongue in a strictly defined position, remotely resembling a baby’s nipple. Increases the tone of the muscles of the respiratory tract, subject to continuous use. These devices have a high enough price, but atone for this lack of efficiency.

Pilar implants . Implantation into the sky with a single-use special syringe of three strips of special threads is extremely effective. A foreign body causes a rejection reaction – granulation of tissues, which stimulates their compaction and strengthening. Due to this snoring stops or decreases significantly.

Gymnastics for snoring in women

An extremely effective exercise for the treatment and prevention of snoring is a regular whistle. When you whistle for 20 minutes, the tissues of the sky, tongue, larynx are effectively strained, their tone increases. This strengthening of the musculature of the pharynx helps get rid of snoring for 2-3 weeks of daily exercise.

Singing a melody without pronouncing words has a similar effect. This technique strengthens the muscles of the larynx and the sky, if you sing every day for 15-20 minutes a day. You can divide this exercise is not 2-3 approach.

Gymnastics for snoring:

Stick your tongue as far as possible, trying to get them to the chin, hold up to 30 repetitions.

Move the lower jaw left and right, performing the opposition by pressing the hand on the chin from below, repeat up to 30 times.

Clamp a wooden spoon, stick or pencil with your teeth as much as possible, hold for 3 minutes, unclench your teeth. Repeat several times.

Long and long to pronounce the sound “And”;

Throw back your head, return to the starting position.

Bend your head to the side, trying to get your ear to the shoulder, repeat several times in each direction.

Performing gymnastics is ineffective with obstructive sleep apnea.

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