Snoring treatment

If you think about life values ​​and their priorities, what would you put above all? Of course, the life and health of their children, loved ones and relatives, their personal. What wish most often sounds in congratulatory texts? Health and health again! From illnesses, unfortunately, no one is insured, but you need to take care of your health all the time, not to hope for “maybe” – everything can cost and this cup will not touch me.

A person himself sometimes provokes the occurrence of diseases: bad habits, a wrong lifestyle, indifference and inattention to the changes that signal to us from time to time – not everything is so smooth in our kingdom.

Such a signal can be considered snoring. Paradoxically, the snorer does not hear himself, no matter how loud he “sounded.” To be near in bed, or in the same room with a snoring person – a complete punishment. He is sleeping, and you are forced to endlessly push him with a request: lie on the flank, turn on your stomach. He awake dutifully executes your commands, not realizing what you want from him. Such coups do not always help, but at least for some time there is silence in the bedroom and you have a chance to fall asleep before the “night orchestra” sounded again.

What is dangerous snoring
This question is addressed rather to the female audience, although more often snorers are still men. But after all, they are not worried about this, considering it more likely a sign of health, as in ancient times they associated strong snoring with good health. The insight came when scientists found that avid snorers live less. Later it was proved that snoring is not terrible in itself, but the cessation of breathing during it.

Why did we first turn to those near the snorer? Only you can tell about him and his problem that will help to establish the main causes of snoring . For example, notice how he suddenly stops breathing and this awesome silence after a few seconds (sometimes up to a minute) is suddenly filled with a convulsive snore and a few deep breaths. Sometimes the sleeper mumbles something at the same time, starts to toss and twist chaotically. These stops breathing during snoring, the so-called obstructive sleep apnea, and carry the greatest risk to human health and even human life.

In fact, these are short episodes of choking. Respiratory arrest during sleep apnea lasts an average of 15-20 seconds, but it is estimated that a total of 3-4 people do not breathe during the night !!! hours Lack of oxygen provokes the development of arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias and even sudden death in sleep.

There is no doubt that snoring is dangerous both for the snorer and for his relatives. What exactly?

The risk of falling asleep at the wheel, a traffic accident in a person with a severe degree of apnea is 5 times higher than that of a regular driver. Moreover, it is the most severe accident with departure into the oncoming lane, with fatal outcomes. And if in the car the whole family?
For the second half, not so much snoring is unpleasant, although it interferes with sleep, and the accompanying symptoms: night sweats, frequent urination, and reduced potency.
Defective sleep is not invigorating and refreshing. But after all, households who are forced to suffer because of snoring, experience constant nervousness and irritation, they develop insomnia and associated illnesses.
How to convince a person to be treated
Never tell him with irritation that he is the cause of your insomnia, migraine, or bad mood. Be friendly, treat with understanding his problems, because his guilt is not that he snores, this disease.
If a person denies snoring, because he really does not hear himself in a dream, do not raise your voice, do not blame him for lying. Gently and delicately try to convince him of the veracity of your words. And if you notice the cessation of breathing during snoring – sound the alarm. Record pauses in breathing and snorting on the video camera of a mobile phone, not forgetting to warn him about it. Ask him to hold his breath for the same time as he does not breathe in his sleep. Usually this technique works and it is easier to persuade a person to ask for help.
Do not forget to mention how you are worried about his health, and tell us about the possible terrible consequences of the disease.
Make it clear that danger threatens not only him, but also relatives, close people. In addition to discomfort, he can put your life in mortal danger, getting behind the wheel is not enough sleep.
Be sure to persuade a loved one to go to the reception of a somnologist if you notice a breathing stop in a dream. Moreover, the faster, the better, do not drive the disease into a deaf corner.
As a rule, after examination and communication with a specialist, an awareness of the situation comes, and the person more easily agrees to treatment.
If he persists and goes to the doctor only so that you are behind him, go along with him. In this case, the doctor will pay more attention to how to affect the human health refusal of treatment.
Sometimes patients are terrified of the prospect of sleeping with CPAP and they therefore refuse treatment because they fear the ridicule of their own people. Support the person in such a situation, explain to him that you need him healthy, and you are not at all bothered about how he will be treated.
Believe that you can save the life and health of a loved one and this will give you strength, patience, persuasiveness. May luck come to you!
Exercises for the treatment of light snoring
Below is a set of exercises for training the muscles of the tongue, lower jaw and pharynx, aimed at reducing snoring, this is an affordable treatment for snoring with folk remedies at home:

Yoga exercise A (folk remedy for snoring №1):
Maximum push the tongue forward and down. In the extended position, hold for 1-2 seconds. Perform 30 times in the morning and evening at home.

Yoga Exercise B (Folk Remedies Against Snoring # 2):
Press the chin with your hand and with effort to move the lower jaw back and forth. Perform 30 times in the morning and evening at home.

Yoga Exercise C (folk remedy for snoring №3):
Strongly grip with your teeth and hold a wooden or plastic stick for 3-4 minutes. Perform bedtime at home.

Yoga exercises A and B (folk remedies) are aimed at training the muscles of the tongue and lower jaw, pushing them forward. If the muscles are trained, then even in a relaxed state (in a dream) they maintain a certain tone and shift these structures forward, providing an increase in the lumen of the throat and a decrease in snoring.

Exercise yoga allows you to significantly increase the tone of the muscles of the pharynx immediately before bedtime, which to some extent slows down the occurrence of snoring. Usually, a clear effect of this national set of exercises is observed after 3-4 weeks of regular classes at home. Holding the stick with teeth causes tonic tension of the muscles of the neck and throat, which lasts for 20-30 minutes. This significantly reduces snoring in the initial phase of falling asleep, which can favorably affect the condition of loved ones who have enough time to fall asleep.

All the above mentioned folk remedies (methods) of self snoring can be used both separately and in various combinations, which leads to the summation of positive effects. They can be used for all degrees of severity of obstructive sleep apnea, but folk remedies for snoring give the best effect in uncomplicated snoring and mild forms of obstructive sleep apnea.

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